October 30, 2013

Media Madness

Chapter Four

Media Madness

“I find television very educational.  Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a book.”

~ Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx’s sentiment rings true with me.  Although I am not against television or mass media (I’m an avid radio listener), I don’t own a TV.  Television watching was never a habit in the household where I grew up0, and in fact, there were restrictions about the shows I was allowed to watch.  As I got older, it seemed I only had a television set when I lived ni a group house situation, and even then, it was always just there to me.  In one shared home, I even went into my room and did like Groucho, read a good book, whenever it came on, but it was a small house and that laugh track could really get to me!

I very much appreciated television in the village where I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa.  Sometimes, it was the only thing that grought little bits of familiarity to me.  When the TV was brought out around dusk, I would usually be given one of the few lounge chairs underneath the cabana in our little plaza.  Only a few times did some bold teenage boy manage to swipe it from me.  Oh, how I looked forward to the Fresh Prince of BelAir!  Now that I’m a single mom, it’s not something we choose to spend our monthly budget on.  We do check out our fair share of movies at the library, though, and enjoy watch them on our computer.

Whether you’re an avid viewer or fly-by watcher, it’s work it to take a close look at what fuels the good ol’ boob tube as well as other forms of media that we encounter on a daily basis.

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