September 13, 2014

Your Body is Your Vehicle

Chapter One

Your Body IS Your Vehicle

“Your body is a wonderland”

~John Mayer

Do you take care of your car?  Do you give it tune-ups and oil changes so it runs smoothly?  Do you keep the tires at a good air pressure to get better gas mileage?  Do you periodically take it fro a test drive to keep the battery charged?

Do you take care of your body?  Do you nourish it by eating healthy meals with reasonable portion sizes?  Do you drink plenty of water throughout the day?  Do you breathe deeply and soundly to clear your exhaust pipes? Do you take your body for a daily test drive?

You body is a vehicle:  it functions like any other piece of machinery and it needs to be treated with care and respect.  It is the one thing that is going to carry you around for your entire life, and it’s worth the effort to learn how it works, so you’re able to give it what it needs.  Learning how your body works and giving it what it needs to run efficiently is like buying a lifetime warranty.

You don’t have to take a lesson in anatomy and physiology to understand the basics of the human body.  However, I believe it’s important to learn the basics in order to get the full picture of how to get the most of your body as you vehicle.  Many people know more about their car than they do about their insides.  It’s time to take control of your body in a new way and develop a new relationship with it.

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